Alexandra Amador Boutique Real Estate Services

I am a Real Estate Professional with a holistic approach to realty in the San Juan beach area. I have been living in the area for the last 20 years. My value added to you is: my knowledge in the area with an investment mind set as an investor, plus years as a negotiator with a marketing and finance background and as an Interior Designer I will help transform your property for a quick sell or rent. I offer 4 types of services:


#1: Sellers

My negotiating skills joined with my marketing background and exposure in the industry will assist you in selling your property in a timely manner. I am a data analyst, a trend observer, proactive and energetic professional that will assist your through the complete process. I will execute until we find the best buyer for your property. Owning certifications as an interior decorator bundled with my experience and knowledge, I am ready to sell your property with a true commitment, transparency and integrity throughout the complete process.

#2 : Buyers

I will apply my investment mindset to help you find the best deal to fit your objectives. It does not matter if you are buying your primary residence or interested in purchasing an investment, I will guide you and advise you from the beginning of the process, starting with the filtering of properties until you obtain your goal. That goal could be to live in a ready to move property or invest wisely in a fixer upper. I have done it several times for myself and I am here to advise and assist you in the complete process including and not limited to negotiating, financing and advising you to the very end of the process.

#3: Landlords

Having a trained eye to make spaces attractive will help getting your property rented faster. I will ask potential tenants for credit report, income evidence, id and rental application to maximize the probability of a good landlord tenant experience. 

#4: Tenants

Finding a comfortable place to call home for a period of time is no easy task. I will ask key questions to filter the inventory and make a targeted showing to help you find that special place. Have credit report and income evidence handy.